About Ollier Goods

Ollier Goods is a luxury, independent, artisan leather brand based in south London, started by myself, Carl Ollier, in 2015. The story begins when I lost my cardholder, and the one I lost (and was very happy with) had been discontinued. Unsatisfied with the other cardholders I looked at, I quickly realised that the cardholders available are a lot bigger and fussier than they really need to be, and from here, a desire for true minimalism was born.

I decided to provide my own solution to the problem, and create a cardholder with a simpler, and more practical design. I bought some basic tools and leather and started teaching myself.  Born from a desire to blend minimalism, practicality and handmade craftsmanship. every Ollier Goods product is bespoke, designed to be exactly what it needs to be and no more. Each product is designed and painstakingly crafted, from creation to finished product, in my London workshop. From start to finish, all of the leather work and design is done solely by myself. Each item is hand cut and skived using a Japanese steel blade. It then goes through an intricate hand sewn process, hand punching every stitching hole, and using the saddle-stitch to make sure every one is perfect. The edges then go through a multi-step process of painting, sanding, waxing and polishing. Every aspect of an Ollier Goods product is crafted entirely by hand, using traditional techniques. This timeless method ensures quality, and every item is meticulously handmade. Made entirely from luxury grade leather, stitched together with waxed thread, every product is designed to last a lifetime and sealed with the craftsman’s initials. Made for those who value quality, with the finest materials, designed for longevity, every product develops a rich patina with age only improving the aesthetic. Each product has been carefully designed using the finest leathers to be simplistic, but fully functional. Whether it is one of our one-hole belts, custom fit to the customer, or our wallets that reduce wasted space when it comes to carrying your cards, every item is cut, skived, sewn, branded, edge painted and finished by hand by me in my London workshop. Each individual piece is crafted in pursuit of perfection, using no machines, only traditional methods; these techniques have been chosen to ensure you receive a supremely hand-crafted piece of functional minimalist art.