Red croc print handmade cardholder

Red croc print handmade cardholder


Subtle, minimalist luxurious handmade leather wallet. Designed to be as small as possible while also being practical, providing all the storage needed while being able to be carried in your front pocket without any discomfort. Each wallet is only a few millimeters larger than a credit card but allows you to carry all your daily essentials in comfort and style.

Exterior soft red croc-print and Tuscan veg tanned brindle leather gives the wallet a very luxurious feel. 

Saddle-stitched with red waxed linen thread in one continuous stitch.

Hand-painted and polished edges to finish the wallet off and add a touch of class.

Each cardholder features three pockets, suitable for two cards and any folded cash each.

Each wallet is approximately 93mm by 60mm and 4mm deep.

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